Sunday, May 14, 2017

Out of The Darkness


For some reason, it seemed to me like spring took a very long time to come this year.  In January, I saw the image in my mind that became “Out of The Darkness”, the golden light starting to emerge through the cracks in the darkness. 

The trees stood witness in their winter habit while the sun and the moon shone with their gold and silver light.  I pictured that light calling the flowers to blossom.  Flowers started to take shape in my mosaics.  The crow was talking to me in March, laughing that I thought springs was near.  The forsythia was a particularly strong image in my mind – good thing as they didn’t fare too well with the late snow!

And finally, finally, here it is with the butterflies and myriad blossoms – SPRRING!

Waiting For Spring, County Collector
Chester County Studio Tour